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I am on a mission to read all of the YA fiction.


How Marvel Characters Eat Their Food [x]


harry potter series + a short summary

"We’re happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way/ It’s miserable and magical oh, yeah/ Tonight’s the night when we forget about the heartbreak." Taylor Swift Art Challenge - 22

"We’re happy, free, confused and lonely in the best way/ It’s miserable and magical oh, yeah/ Tonight’s the night when we forget about the heartbreak." Taylor Swift Art Challenge - 22


twitter stuff for twitter friends!! (pt. 1)

Hello all! I seem to have gained quite a few new followers in a short time, so welcome to you all! (what were you thinking?? hahaha). 

Anyways! Some of you may know this already, but I am a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift. I love Taylor. My favorite thing in the world is to relate Taylor Swift songs to the lives of fictional characters. 

So! To celebrate Taylor’s new album and all of you guys, I’d like to propose what I have named the Taylor Swift Art Challenge. Everyone feel free to participate, even if you’re not a fan of Taylor! Here’s how I’m thinking this will work:

Send me a specific fandom (you can include a character or pairing if you want) and a Taylor Swift song title and I will draw something to go along with your choices! You can include details if you already have an idea or leave it completely up to me! 

For example, you might send me Percy Jackson and Mine, and you’d get a fluffy little Percabeth doodle. Or, if you added a different pairing, you’d get that. Maybe I will get really inspired and do a full out painting!

These can be as detailed as you want (include characters, specific lyrics, whatever) or as general (simple fandom and song). Everyone can participate! If you don’t know any Taylor Swift songs, pick a title at random and I got you covered! This is your perfect opportunity to be as cheesy as possible AND get doodles out of it! 

I will get through as many as I can and will probably start after work tomorrow (if you guys are into this!). 

I know many avatars have needed guidance, but I’m the only one since Avatar Wan that can’t get help from my past lives. I wish I could talk to Aang.



a crossover of rent and les mis called lease miserables


Anonymous said:
Sarah from your current position apparently on the floor? maybe under the desk? trying and failing to recover whilst caps lock blogging like a champ? Could you maybe share some fun dadwatching observations from your shows? :)
dudski replied:


5. FANNY PACK DAD, spotted walking north on Route 1 before the Thursday show, surrounded by a pack of screaming and singing girls.

4. MCSTUD DAD, literally just a dad wearing this shirt, who passed by us on Saturday SO MANY TIMES in SO MANY DIRECTIONS that I genuinely have no idea where he was actually supposed to be sitting. HE WAS A VISION EVERY TIME.

3. CONSOLING DAD, also a Thursday appearance, who had two daughters, maybe five and ten, with him. The older daughter was wearing a really low pair of heels but they were a bit too much for her to navigate the stadium in, because she tripped on the stairs while carrying a couple of sodas, and her dad was an absolute ADORABLE CHAMP about looking after her and talking to her until she felt better while also wrangling her little sister. [Shout out to EARPLUGS MOM AND DAD who were sitting two rows in front of us and got in on this, EARPLUGS MOM in particular was very sweet about checking out a scrape on the girl’s ankle.]

2. OVERLY TRUSTING DAD, who was sitting DIRECTLY in front of coldbam on Saturday and was there with his wife and daughter. At one point they all got up to…IDK, bathroom run? Or something? Food and bathroom run? Either way: He was obviously planning to stay behind until the last second, because he made a futile attempt to untangle his wife’s purse from the armrest she’d wrapped the strap around, then turned to us and said “watch that?” before taking off. WE HAD NOT SPOKEN AT ANY POINT BEFORE THIS. OVERLY TRUSTING DAD CLEARLY BELIEVES THAT COMMUNITY TRUMPS ALL AT A 1D CONCERT. Or maybe he was exactly the right amount of trusting, because it’s not like we stole from them, so. [SHOUT OUT TO BOTH OF THESE PARENTS, ACTUALLY, FOR NOT TOSSING ANYTHING MORE THAN A BEMUSED LOOK IN MY DIRECTION AS I PROCEEDED TO STAND BEHIND THEM, SCREAMING, SINGING, CRYING, SCREAMING, SINGING, CRYING, SCREAMING, SINGING, CRYING FOR NEARLY TWO STRAIGHT HOURS. They handled it super well EVEN WHEN MY SCREAMING INTENSIFIED BC LIAM.]

1. THURSDAY. STUD 23 DAD. THE DAD TO END ALL DADS. He was wearing Liam-esque jorts and had a t-shirt that said STUD 23 on the back (as in: last name STUD, jersey number 23) and I have a photo that’s him in the foreground, sitting, chilling out, eating some fried dough, with an ARMY of girls in front of him all standing up and hoping to get a glimpse of One Direction but knowing FULL WELL that when Harry finally did appear, he would ONLY HAVE EYES FOR STUD 23. I’m positive that when Harry went rogue on Thursday and climbed off the side walkway and onto the equipment in front of it, it was him trying to get that tiny, eensy little bit closer to STUD 23.

This isn’t freedom. We’re holding a gun to every citizen’s head and calling it security.
Captain America (we could really use a guy like him right about now)